JUNGL x De Kledingbank Amstelland

Unfortunately there are many people and families in the Netherlands who have too little money left over each month to buy clothes or shoes for themselves and their kids, let alone a bikini or bathingsuit.

Kledingbank Amstelland is committed to helping these people, offering them the chance to pick out clothes for themselves or their children in their shop every six weeks. In total, they offer help to 2,400 residents from the Amstelland municipalities (Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Diemen, OuderAmstel and Uithoorn) and Amsterdam.

We were happy to contribute to this beautiful and inspiring initiative by donating items from our swimwear collection to this organization. Because how nice is it if we can let these people enjoy the nice weather confidently in a beautiful and high quality bikini or bathingsuit. For every two items sold, we donated one item to Kledingbank Amstelland.

Would you also like to do something and do you have some nice clothes hanging in your closet that you no longer wear? Kledingbank Amstelland (or a clothing bank in your area) is happy to offer these clothes to people who can use them well.