Garment care

All of our JUNGL swimwear have been crafted with precision and attention with the finest Italian fabrics to ensure the best possible quality and durability. The LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ in your swimwear provides chlorine resistance, UV protection and shape retention. Properly caring for your swimwear will help make them last the longest possible time.


We have some instructions to enhance the life or your favourite swimwear. Please follow these instructions, to save your swimwear and the environment.


- Wash by hand

- Wash with cold water

- Rinse with water after use in pool or sea 

- To dry, squeeze of excess water, hang dry

- Avoid drying in direct sunlight 

- Maximum iron temperature 100℃

- Do not pack when wet

- Avoid oils and sunscreen

- Avoid rough surfaces

- Give some love